Eaco Home Cleaning Business Software

Run your Cleaning Homes business better using Eaco's proven suite of business software apps.

Eaco's Home Cleaning Business Software helps you nail your business problems forever

Running a Cleaning homes Business is never easy. There is always a constant flow of problems that you are trying to keep on top of, such as:

The list goes on and on. No-one ever said that running a Cleaning homes business was easy, but let's see if using Eaco's latest technology can help you run your Cleaning homes business with less stress and more certainty.

First things first, we should talk to each other and learn some more detail about your Cleaning homes Business. Give us a call on 1300 739 814 and our friendly and down to earth team will set about learning exactly what could help you solve your biggest problems. The more we learn about your Cleaning Homes business, the more we can help.

No need to be shy, we are all in business and we are all keen to solve some problems and then sit back and relax at the end of the day and focus on what is really important. Simply pick up the phone and give us a call on 1300 739 814.

Oh you are still reading? No stress. You are probably curious as to whether we can help you with exactly what you are looking for. What functions and features does Eaco have? Lots! Whilst Eaco is a super simple and straightforward system that anyone can use, once you look under the hood you will find that it has everything covered to help you run your Cleaning Homes business.

Eaco's long list of functions & functions designed to help your Cleaning Homes business include:

If this sounds like the type of system that you need for your Cleaning Homes business then give us a call today on 1300 739 814.

Solving the Problems of a Cleaning homes Business

Let's take a deep look into the common problems that a Cleaning Homes business can have, and how the Eaco Software can help you overcome these problems.

How do I compete?

By using technology to streamline your business and automate as many tasks as possible you can increase the competitiveness of your Cleaning Homes business by cutting down on overheads, administration time and expenses, and reducing bookkeeping and accounting costs. Furthermore, the software helps you professionalise your business, presenting a more professional Cleaning Homes business to your current and future clients and helping you convert more quotes into real jobs. This drives repeat usage and referrals helping you dramatically increase the competitiveness of your business through word of mouth.

How do I do more with less?

A tough thing for all business owners and managers, especially Home Cleaning Businesses. Eaco helps you do more with less by automating many repetitive tasks, meaning that you don't have to do the same things twice. Tasks that can be automated include data entry, allocation of jobs, keeping track of jobs (rather than making phone calls to everyone involved), creating quotes, turning those quotes into invoices, and the list goes on and on. Eaco helps you do much more with much less.

How do I make the most money, with the least effort?

Eaco helps you focus on the work that you actually get paid for (i.e. Plumbing work). You don't get paid for all of the back-office work and managing staff and subcontractors, so we help you spend more time on the work that you actually get paid for, and less on the work that your customers don't pay you for.

How do I win more work?

Customers want to use Cleaning Homes businesses that they can trust to get the job done right. By using Cleaning Homes business software that helps you keep track of every aspect of your business and present a professional image to your customers, Eaco helps your customers gain trust in you and this leads to you winning more work.

Plus, Eaco has some extra tricks built in to help you find and access more work including quoting tools, new leads from lead generation sources such as Service Central, and much more.

How do I keep the customers that I already have?

FIrst things first you need to be able to remember who your customers are. Eaco helps you keep a central database of all of your customers, the search functionality is quick and easy, and there are some great communication tools to help you automate the way you keep in contact with your customers.

How do I keep myself safe and protected?

Eaco helps you keep track of your Compliance requirements as well as the compliances of your staff, contractors and sub-contractors.

How do I spend more time out on jobs and less time in the office?

Easy done, use Eaco to automate most of the back-office tasks that are keeping you tied to the desk and get out there into the field where the real jobs are. Plus, Eaco works on your smartphone and tablets too, so you can even do some of your back-office work (such as quoting and invoicing) out in the field.

How do I know what my staff and contractors are doing?

Eaco's job cards and boards provide you with a instant and thorough insight into exactly what is happening with each job, and how your staff, contractors and subcontractors are progressing with those jobs.

How do I keep my key clients happy?

You can use the Eaco System to keep your clients automatically updated on all of the job requests and work orders that they send your way.

How do I get paid?

You can use Eaco to help you get paid. This could be in using Eaco to present invoices, or even automate the invoice creation. Similarly, you can hook in online payment gateways to get paid by your customers via credit card and other means.